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Lady of the Angels

Published on
08 September 2023
The Church of “Mikri Panagia” (little Holy Mother) the Lady of the Angels in Rethymnon. A hidden treasure in the heart of th eold city of Rethymnon

The Church is dated from the final years of the Venetian rule (16th century). It was property of the Dominican order and was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. After the Ottoman invasion, the church was coverted to a mosque for a couople of centuries. Then an earthhquake that demolished half of the minaret and the finding of an icon of the Holy mother in its foundation, persuaded the Ottoman authorities to allow Christians to reclaim it as their own. Even the bell tower has its own story. A prominent and reach yound lady Hepatia Moatsou, before her death at her 20s decided to donate part of her fortune for its construction.

The Lady of the Angels, a T-shaped three isled Church,  is most original on the outside, as wll as the inside with the skyblue ceiling and the beautiful icons and other religious artifacts daing since the 19th century

Opening Hours

The beautiful Church is open daily. It celebrates on the feast of the Annunciation on March 25th

How to Get There:

You may very pleasantly get lost in the beautiful streets of the old town Rethymno, but not for long till you reach:

Google map location Lady of the Angels

If you do find the way to the Church do also pay a visit to the Traditional Artistic Bakery of Mr, Spanoudakis for a taste of |Greece that has almost become past


Among the sources for this post (and a valuable one) was the article of:


You can also see the church  through this very informative video:

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