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Custom Holy Trinity icon


Custom Holy Trinity icon, Philoxenia or Troitsa. The  image we see is the base for the hand painted icon. The piece measures 25×35 approx. The final piece will be similar but can never be identical- After all, every brush stroke is unique.

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The icon of Hospitality of Abraham. A Custom Holy Trinity icon or Philoxenia, as we call it in Greek. In this piece the three angels have visited Abraham at the Oak of Mamre. Abraham and Sarah are Serving them. In the background we can also see the Mount Moriah. The angels are symbolizing the Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


  • A prepared apse shaped panel with a hanger on top
  • The medium is eggtempera and 22K gold is on the background
  • Varnish and shellac will seal the colors to produce an icon that will last

Delivery schedule- Timing

After the order, I will prepare the panel with gesso. Following comes the painting phase which will last about three-four weeks.  In addition, the colours and the top coats (shellac and varnish) will also remain to “”rest”” and completely dry. Pictures are send at the end of the painting phase.

Finally when the painting is totally ready- I pack the icon as a gift and send with first priority registered mail to you!


This is a Made to order Hospitality of Abraham. After the placing of the Custom order no amendments, cancellations or replacements are provided.
Please view the page terms and conditions for more.


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