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All Holy and Nicholas


isThe All Holy and Nicholas, a two sided icon of the Mother of God and the popular saint on a construction wood. The artifact measures approx 14x7cm on each side. The medium for the two sided icon is acrylics.

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One of the pieces I ve found on the beach. A painting I made of the All Holy and Nicholas on a thick, multi edged piece of consruction wood.

A religious artifact that carries  two of the most venerated figures in Christianity. The image of the Holy Mother is on the one side, while on the other we can see St Nicholas. A third  smaller edge/side  also exists.

I like to use discarded materials, items worn  out either by time, or by everyday use or even by the elements and to breathe a new life on them. I also love the fact that these materials can serve as a vehicle for sacred art. It somehow proves for me that there is holy in everything.

  • I painted the figures with acrylic colors  directly on each side of the wood
  • I used simple colors and kept the original wooden surface as the color of their flesh. The surface also serves as the background
  •  I varnished  the piece with acrylics, to create a piece that may last

Finally, the two sided icon is packaged as a gift with some  mini extras from our shop

You may see a video that gives a much better view of the piece. On the background is the port of Heraklion, Crete:




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