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Saints Joachim and Anne


The Embrace of St Joachim and Anne – An original painted with eggtempera on a hand cut piece of thin plywood. The icon measures 32x24cm and is 4mm thick.

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A painting of that symbolises Spousal love and devotion. A perfect Wedding amiversary gift or wedding gift.  The Embrace of Saints Joachim and Anne.

A beautiful portrayal of marital love and union. St Anna at the news that she was with child. Seeing Joachim coming, she ran and hung upon his neck (according to the protoevangelium of James). That is exactly the moment that this icon pictures, being a study from an older work made by an unknown master from of the 16th century, found in Sofia.

The use of a very bold, almost explosive red on the garments of Anna and the lines of the painting were ideal in communicating all this unexpected joy, all this energy gathered after countless years of longing and show it in this icon.

  • The Icon is done with eggtempera on a thin plywood
  • The haloes are gilded with copper gold  (that will eventu7ally acquire an antique patina)
  • A hole is drilled on the top for hanging
  • The icon is very carefully packaged and send as a gift with its own wrapping and some mini extras from our shop

Finally the icon comes in two verions. In the first (main pic) St Joachim wears green, while on the second the Saint is wearing purple. You may use your preffered option on the notes area on checkout


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