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Jesus Christ Pantocrator


A Jesus Christ Pantocrator  icon. A most amazing representation of Jesus Christ adorned with a flowery carved wooden frame. The icon is approx 30 cm in diameter.

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A Jesus Christ Pantocrator Icon. The round image of the Lord Jesus Christ, as it is usually reperesented in the Dome of Orthodox Churches. The name Pantokrator or Pantocrator is actually the translation for the appleation All Mighty.

Moreover this circular representation is inspired by a Dome of a medieval church in Cyprus. The name of the church is “Panagia of Arakas” . The church “was listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 because of its murals and relation to the history of Byzantine rule in Cyprus” (source Wikipedia Commons)

The painting is executed in eggtempera the materials used for the creation of the piece are:

  • A beautifully carved frame
  • A specially prepared, with gesso, wooden board
  • Egg tempera that is an emulsion made by egg yolk and vinegar
  • Shellac and resin varnish to seal the colors
  • A  metal hanger

Finally the icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator is packaged as a gift with some little extras of our shop.


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