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Minature Icon Order


A minature icon order. A mini Christ icon piece or. A made to order painting painted with Eggtempera on small, easily portable miniature icon pieces measuring 5x6cm approx.

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A minature icon order. A miniature icon order. A custom made  mini Christ icon or the miniature portable icon with of Saint of your choice. Small handpainted icons with the traditional byzantine technique. Mini religious art that are light and ORIGINAL and could escort their owner whenever he/she goes.

A very personal and unique handmade gift gilded- like a jewel- with 22K gold

  • The miniatures are painted with egg tempera in small gessoed wooden panels with size: 4cm x 6cm and 9mm thick.
  • It usually takes about one week to prepare the wooden panel, apply colours and varnishes and have them completely dried and ready.-
  • Shipping may also last a while depending your location
  • Pictures of the drawing phase and the completed icon will be send along the process.

<3 Gift Wrapping: The miniature comes in its own small box, with some mini extras from our shop, perfect for a very personal gift.Please contact us with the saint of your choice via the message box on check out



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