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Panagia Pantanassa icon


A Panagia Pantanassa icon, painted with eggtempera with impressive (copper) gold halo and border. The painting measures 15x15sm approc and is 15mm thick.

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Panagia Pantanassa icon. A title which means “The All Holy Queen of All” . It is one of the appelations of Mother Mary that we use  in orthodox Christianity to express the love and veneration  towards the All Holy Theotokos .

The All Holy Theotokos is standing, facing directly towards the viewer,  with hands in orans position. The Christ child is in Her lap making he blessing gesture with noth hands. We can also read the inscription. with Her title ” I Pantansassa”. In the background there are also the appelations of  MP ΘΥ (Meter Theou), as well as the ICXC (Iesous Christos).

  • The wooden panel is a rectangular plywood with gesso on top, to create a surface for painting. It has a metal hanger on the back.
  • The painting technique in this icon is similar with the old byzantine method for icon painting. In this technique we are using several layers of egg tempera (a mix of powder pigments, egg yolk and vinegar) to create volume and movement.
  • The colors  that are in use are plain but potent creating a very vivid effect.
  • Copper gold is covering the haloes and border thus creating a frame
  • Finally, after it is finished, the icon is applied with shellac and then varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and finally dried for several days to last for long.

Gift Wrapping: The icon of Holy Theotokos comes already prepared as a gift with some mini extras from our shop.



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