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Theotokos Zoe Icon


The source of the living water is shown in this Folk, Theotokos Zoe Icon. Our Most Holy Theotokos the Life-Giving Spring. A folk piece that is painted by hand on an panel resembling to a window. The apse shaped panel is measuring 40×30 cm and 10mm thick.

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It’s Theotokos Zoe Icon. The base for this representation is based on the on the Akathist Hymn, namely in one of the many apellations of Panagia, chanted in it.

“From you, as land untilled, grew the divine Ear of corn. Hail, living Table that held the Bread of Life! Hail, Sovereign Lady, never failing spring of the living Water!

(Source: The Hymn for Theotokos the Life-Giving Spring.

In this icon we can see the Holy Mother as seated inside a round fountain (the cosmos, the universe), that is found on top of a water basin (the earth, material world) while holding Christ in Her lap. There are many people surrounding them, seeking cure and refuge.

There are two Angels seating on clouds  on each side. Her title “I Zoodohos Pigi” (Life-Giving Spring) is written with red egg tempera on each side.

The materials used are

  • The handcrafted  surface
  • Eggtempera for the colors
  • as well as 22K gold for the golden details.

The icon comes carefully protected and wrapped as a gift wited h some little extras from our shop


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